Personal Training

Now is a great time to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Whether you are an avid athlete recovering from an injury, a weekend warier trying to avoid strains and sprains, or someone looking to loose weight and increase energy levels, Pierce Adams, Dunn’s Personal Trainer can help.

Pierce graduated from UNC - Wilmington in 2008 with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and has been training clients of all ages for more than 4 years. His specialties include:

  • Functional training for middle school and high school athletes geared to increase overall strength with a focus on their hips and core
  • Providing seniors with a customized exercise program that will increase their mobility and quality of life
  • Working with children to increase their confidence when exercising and playing sports so they can enjoy school activities (including PE class!)
  • Creating tailored fitness plans and coaching men and women of all ages to facilitate weight loss

Pierce will customize your program to meet your needs and work closely with your Therapist if you are currently a patient to ensure continuity of care. Your comprehensive program may include the following:

  • Development of goals that are specific to you and your lifestyle
  • One-on-one gym time to work on endurance
  • Training in the warm water therapy pool
  • Proper stretching to address your unique needs
  • Weight bearing exercises that fit your strength level
  • Counseling on at home training and proper nutrition
Personal Training Dunn PT Raleigh Cary

Alex Wilkinson,
Personal Training Client of Pierce Adams

With a strong desire and passion to help others aspire to their sport and fitness goals, coupled with his knowledge and extensive experience, Pierce will help you maximize your full potential and increase your energy level.

Contact Pierce to setup an initial appointment and start reaching your fitness goals today!

Phone: (919) 388-0111

$60 per 60 minute session
$275 for 5, 60 minute sessions
$500 for 10, 60 minute sessions


Check Out What Pierce's Clients Have to Say!

"I first started working closely with Pierce after my herniated disc surgery. He has been an integral part of my recovery and instrumental in getting me not only back in shape, but surpassing my previous fitness level. Pierce is a talented and passionate trainer. He closely monitors posture and form and gives me the guidance I need. He keeps a watchful eye over me, while other facilities fail to do so, which have resulted in injuries in the past. I value his great sense of humor and high energy to get me through some tough workouts. Pierce's knowledge and motivation have been the key to my success!"
-Kelley N., Apex, NC

"I selected Dunn Physical Therapy to resolve a severe neck strain. Soon after, Dunn's therapist had me ready for exercise. He suggested Pierce, Dunn's personal trainer. The transition to regaining strength was easy. My therapist kept an eye on me during training. This comforted me by avoiding re-injury. Pierce has been great because he understands my limitations. After six short months, I feel better than ever!"
- Nick D., Raleigh NC

"I compete at a national level as a volleyball player and my game is better when I work out with Pierce. I'm lighter on my feet and his positive energy is contagious!"
- Kate D., Apex, NC

"My daughter started working out with Pierce after suffering an ankle injury on the volleyball court. It's worth every penny having a personal trainer for her. Pierce has a perfect balance of pushing her hard as an athlete while still making the sessions fun!"
- Lu D., Apex, NC

"I choose to continue to work with Pierce at Dunn for expertise, flexibility, and comfort. Years ago I injured both feet and Dunn helped my through a lengthy rehab. Prior to this injury I had been very active, so returning to an active lifestyle was important. The expertise that Pierce brings here allows me to push myself back into shape, but ensuring I don’t re-injure along the way – something a simple class at a gym can’t provide. Since training sessions are one on one and Dunn has multiple locations and broad hours, I have flexibility in scheduling sessions. Though I generally like to stick to a consistent schedule, life happens. Pierce and Dunn strive to offer a comfortable environment. The staff are friendly people and I know the workouts will be challenging but not dangerous. When I’m comfortable in my surroundings, I can focus on my workout and goals"
- Clayton B., Raleigh, NC

"We have seen much progress in our middle school son in terms of his balance, muscle strength, agility and general interest in being more active. More important, Pierce has taken the time to get to know our son personally and incorporate his daily life into his overall health plan. Thus, he has really personalized his work with our son to fit in with his goals, abilities and personal well being The effect has been increased confidence when attempting activities that are challenging for him. Pierce really makes our son feel comfortable which allows him to persist in order to attain his goals."
- Kerry A., Cary, NC