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Aquatic Therapy in Cary, NC

Non-weight bearing sessions in a physical therapy pool

The stone pool at Dunn Physical Therapy in Cary provides a soothing spa-like atmosphere for our aquatic therapy patients. Our custom physical therapy pool is heated to a comfortable 93° and offers our patients a non-weight bearing venue for exercise and therapy. The pool is equipped with an underwater treadmill and bicycle for those seeking a more challenging aquatic therapy.

There are many conditions and injuries that require non-weight bearing venues, but patients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and post-surgical pathologies will benefit greatly from this form of treatment. Conditioning sessions require a therapist evaluation and exercise program prescription before starting the pool program.

Our physical therapy pool sessions are 45 minutes in duration. Please allow additional time in order to shower before and after each session in our dedicated men and women’s health room. Our changing rooms are conveniently located in the pool area for safe and quick entry to the pool. Our health rooms are equipped with a full bathroom complete with shower, towels, hairdryer, and vanity to make your experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Patients that do not require assistance or supervision may purchase a Monthly Pool Membership.

Please call the office at 919-388-0111 for pricing and package options.