Patient Testimonials

"Best PT experience I ever had. Been to lots of places, this is the best! The quality of care is excellent and they are great at finding the problems other PT 's completely missed. They were also very accommodating with my schedule"
- JF

"I had a 15 year history of chronic lumbar and cervical problems which ultimately resulting in my having vertebrae fused together in both areas of my spine. This forced me to give up many things in life including playing tennis, gardening and playing the guitar. I really had no realistic hopes that I would be able to do these activities again. After starting to do physical therapy on my back at Dunn Physical Therapy and Pilates Center, I slowly progressed to the point where they felt I could graduate to doing Pilates exercises to continue the improvements I had seen. Together with continued therapy on my neck (and many daily exercises!) I have been able to resume playing tennis, gardening, and playing the guitar. Thank you Dunn PT and Pilates for giving me my life back."
- Dick

"My therapist was able to identify what was causing the numbness in my arm and advised me on rearranging my work environment which along with therapy has made a big difference."
- S.B.

"You get personal attention; the therapists tell you step-by-step what they are doing and why."
– E.H.

"He understood my viewpoint as an athlete. Cool therapist and workers made me feel comfortable."
– C.H.

"Very accommodating in regards to scheduling."

"She knew what was needed and helped me understand how to help myself and continue recovery after release. She's amazing!"

"This was the best rehab experience I've had and I would not hesitate to recommend her and Dunn PT in the future."

"Staff is exceptional starting at the front desk!"

"I love how much is available here. This is a great improvement from my last physical therapy experience. I will come back for any future treatment!"

"The best PT Care I've had to date...and I've had a lot of PT!"